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Monday, March 24, 2014

iWatch Fatures..!!

Wearable tech is big business and looks to be one of the biggest trends of the coming year. Google has its glasses and Apple and Samsung have their respective watch projects. But how would an iOS-powered watch work? What would it do? And how much is it likely to cost?
Concrete information is decidedly thin on the ground at present but we do know the company has put together a highly skilled team including engineering director James Foster and program manager Adam Pantfoerder to work on the project – and we’re hearing that the whole thing is being overseen by none other than Sir Jony Ive – so it’s fairly safe to say that this is no half-hearted venture on Apple’s part.
In fact, Apple has trademarked the iWatch name in both Japan and Mexico, suggesting the name and device will come sooner than we first imagined.
Apple's SEO Tim Cook has already been caught talking about the iWatch, saying creating such an accessory is something Apple has considered. He said that while a wrist-based gadget like the iWatch would be great, a lot of people - now that they have smartphones - don’t wear watches anymore. In order to make people buy a wearable product, the proposition has to be very compelling, according to Cook.
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